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Shipping Policy

Policy on Shipping and Delivery (Products)

Orders are exclusively dispatched to domestic buyers by registered domestic courier firms and/or fast items are not shipped outside of India.Orders are shipped within (5-7) working days or according to the delivery date agreed upon at the time of order confirmation, and shipments are delivered according to Courier Company/Post Office guidelines. is not responsible for any delays in delivery caused by the courier company or postal authorities, and only guarantees to hand over the cargo to the courier company or postal authorities within 7 working days of receipt of payment or as agreed upon at the time of purchase confirmation.


Quidle is pleased to accept Paytm and other online payment methods for quick, easy, and secure transactions. Credit cards of all major denominations are accepted.

Policy on Shipping and Delivery (Services)

Our services will be delivered to the email address you provided upon registration. You can contact our helpdesk if you have any problems using our services. For several units and some products, how is the delivery charge calculated?

For all orders placed in India, the shipping fee is Rs 99.