Top 7 Plants to Spruce up your Office Space or Desk

Top 7 Plants to Spruce up your Office Space or Desk

By Dr. Soma Patnaik, 17 May 2022

Plants do not just transform the decor of your office space. It makes the space look tranquil and pleasant. Not just that studies proved that plants and greenery in the workspace increase concentration of the workforce thereby, resulting in better productivity. The workspace should be lively and divulge positive vibes for better performance. It is better to choose low maintenance, easy going plant for office space, as highly demanding plants may need much attention which may not be possible to take care of. The office also needs to be free from toxins/pollutants/pathogens so that the people working can have a fresh and cleaner ambience to work in. So, let us list out some plants which can add oomph and grace to your office space.

ZZ Plant

The ZZ plant is an easy-going, low maintenance plant that also adds a statement to the ambience of the space it is placed in. These features and characteristics of the ZZ plant make it a must-have for office space. The plant falls in the category of study plants which doesn’t react to negligence, it can go without water for weeks as the rhizomes of this plant beneath the roots store water. Its bulbous stalks with oval shiny leaves give a look of an artificial plant. This plant is also considered to be a wonderful air purifier that gets rid of toxins/ pollutants and cleanses the air. Hence, it is a perfect addition to the list of office/ desk plants because of its ultra hassle-free nature. 


Dracaena is also a great addition to a sturdy yet essential plant for cleansing air. These plants are easy to care for and add to the aesthetics of the space indoor as well as outdoor. Dracena has an intense root system that helps for sustaining drought-like conditions due to which it can go for days without water. These tropical ornamental evergreens come in various shades and hues which adds a splash of colour to the decor. The dracaena genus has more than 120 species for indoor and outdoor planting. Plants belonging to the dracaena family are found to increase oxygen concentration by reducing pollutants/ toxins and elevating the humidity content in the air. These plants are also great for increasing concentration and focus on work. 

Devil’s Ivy

A tropical evergreen bushy vine plant that can accommodate any kind of situation makes a great indoor plant. It is easy to propagate and maintain. This shiny heart-shaped leafy vine comes in various shades of green bold/ variegation and can be designed and planted as per wish. It goes well in hanging baskets, water containers, pots/planters on shelves, desks and tables or as trailing coverage on poles and vines. As per NASA, it is a great air-purifying plant that can add grace to space, cleanse it from harmful toxins and increase the oxygen supply in the surrounding. 


 Syngonium also called the arrowhead plant is an excellent low maintenance plant that is capable of purifying the air around. This plant is tolerant to low light and also goes well in shaded outdoors. It is easy to grow and maintain. This stunning plant gets its name from its pointed arrow-shaped leaves which come in various colours/textures/and patterns. This plant’s excellent look spruces up the decor of the space and cleanses it from various toxins like VOCs. it can easily beautify your office spaces like tabletops, shelves, corridors and window sills.

 Ficus Benjamina

Ficus Benjamina commonly known as the weeping fig is an utterly adaptable and flexible plant. It adds to the decor as a stand-alone plant giving the corner an exquisite look, and even goes well with the group/ collection. It is a sturdy tropical plant native to Northern Australia, India and Southeast Asia forests. Its excellent adaptability and easy propagation make it a favourite for all plant lovers. It can sustain both indoors and outdoors. Being a slow-growing and low maintenance plant it is a great addition to the office space. Its tall greyish brown stalks with green and variegated leaves give a wonderful touch to the space. It is also considered to be a great air purifier as per NASA. 


Philodendrons are Native to South America, these plants make a great house plant, with foliage with lush foliage and multiple hues. The plant species have been modified and made hybrid by man which gives dark lush green leaves. This plant has glossy leaves which give a sleek appearance when planted in shades. These plants prefer low humidity and temperature for dense foliage. This makes it an ideal office plant that can be placed solely as large corner displays or along with other plants.


The Haworthia succulent plant also called the zebra plant is a piece of art by nature. Keeping this plant in-home/ office confers multiple benefits. Firstly, succulents can be easygoing as they need less water, so the headache of daily watering stays away. The zebra plant is also considered to be one of the air purifying plants which absorb toxins/pollutants, produce oxygen and increase humidity in the air. This plant is also great for boosting mood and elevating productivity by increasing concentration and focus. Adding this plant to a desk or table also enhances the beauty of the space. All these qualities make haworthia a great office plant.

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