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Monstera Deliciosa – Small



The Monstera deliciosa, also known as the Swiss cheese plant, is known for its unusual natural leaf holes. The purpose of these holes, according to theory, is to enhance sun fleck capture on the forest floor. Your Monstera may arrive with no holes and be sized to grow with you, depending on the season and age of the plant.

Plant Care:

Light  – Bright indirect to medium light is ideal for this species.

Water – Allowing the soil to dry between waterings, water every 1-2 weeks. In higher light, you should water more frequently, and in lower light, less frequently. Filtered water or letting the water sit out overnight before utilising is beneficial to monsteras.

Plants with Bad Signs:

The edges of the leaves are getting brown and crispy-
A thirsty plant, one that has been submerged, or one that has accumulated a lot of salt
Dry potting mix, wilting plant-
Pot-bound or under-watered
Wet potting mix, yellowing foliage or black stems-



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