Fittonia Green Plant (Nerve plant)

Fittonia Green Plant (Nerve plant)


Fittonia Green Plant (Nerve plant) or Silver net plant gets its name from its perfectly shaped evergreen perennial with vivid white veins that run across the dark green leaf. 


Fittonia Green Plant (Nerve plant) gets its name from its perfect evergreen perennial. The leaves have vivid white veins running across the dark green leaf.

This plant is a beautiful tropical house plant for hanging baskets, terrariums and tabletop decor. It is a native of the South American Tropical rainforest. Various shades of green, red and white hues of fittonia can be seen 

It is highly temperamental and is famous for its tantrums but the perfection it adds to the space is all with the bickering. It gives a lively and classy touch to the space. 

Special Feature: Air Purifying, Green Foliage, Decoration

Light: Bright Indirect light

Watering: Thrice a week or when needed

Soil Moisture: Lightly moist well-drained 

Height:3”-6” approx

Problems: Overwatering, Underwatering




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